Sunday, February 6, 2011

Multi- Media Winter Birch Trees

This lesson plan is borrowed from Deep Space Sparkle.  I introduced this lesson with a study of the color wheel and a focus on warm and cool colors.  The 7th grade students were very excited to use tissue paper and Mod Podge for the background.   They felt it was an unexpected and creative use of materials. The students were also impressed by the layered colors. I bought some very inexpensive brushes at Micheal's that worked perfectly so not to damage my watercolor brushes. They were discarded at the end of the unit. Towards the end of the unit several students asked "Why are we were painting white trees?" It never occurred to me that my students never had seen birch trees before. I quickly googled images of birch trees and they were surprised. The majority of my city kids have never seen a landscape like this.


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