Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keith Haring and social justice

I wanted to teach a lesson that bridges art and social justice. I decide to use Keith Haring's work and life as a way to introduce students to art as a political tool. At the beginning of this lesson each student read a biography about Haring's life and work. After each student read the biography they discussed his work in small groups. Then a reporter from each group shared their discussion with the class.  The students then picked three possible topics for their paintings:


Recycle until my Heart is Old

Caring for Others

Take your baby everywhere!

Hallway display

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  1. Hello Mrs. Teach Art,

    We at the Keith Haring Foundation just discovered your fabulous lesson on Keith Haring and Social Justice. If you'd like to share it with our Lesson Plan Database for teachers you may, here's the link:

    Thanks for teaching kids about Keith Haring!!